Scrapbooking Ideas with Coasters (Blanks) - Now Available!

Are you looking for new ideas and layouts for your scrapbook? Consider our Scrapbook coasters!

You can purchase 2,500 blank coasters for only $75 plus shipping.

Currently we offer 4" circle or square blanks, other sizes may be available - check with us at the time of your order.

Trade with your friends - create your own shapes and sizes from our 4" circle or square blank coasters.

Here are a few fresh ideas:

Use your stamps and lettering and create your own banners/titles for your pages!

Cut out your own custom thought/talk bubbles out of your blank coasters to fit your page/picture.

Use the blank coaster as a backer and then cut out puzzle pieces to create your own custom picture puzzle.

Since the coasters are blank - you can colour the blank coaster to match your colour scheme on your page.

Create your own custom frame with your blank coaster to fit your pictures!

There are so many ideas and possibilities...

Other shapes and sizes available - contact us for further information.

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